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The Adventures of MicroMan  1993

The Adventures of MicroMan is a complete game built with Brian Goble's Windows Animation Package, based on an earlier playable demo called MicroMan. The hero, Bob Jones, was shrunk to micron size as part of an experiment, and is now trapped in a computer full of unfriendly robots. It features a variety of mechanical enemies, three weapon upgrades, a super jump ability and a shield, moving platforms, platforms that fade in and out of existence, transporters, a mirror room where MicroMan is mirrored vertically and horizontally, and a total of 54 rooms and three bottomless pits. Changes from the demo include the addition of springboards, invisible platforms, and new enemies. There are platforms that will only move when MicroMan is standing on them, and platforms that will only move when he isn't standing on them. Version 1.5 added background music and save points, improved the sound effects and allowed multiple sounds to play simultaneously, allowed MicroMan to have more shots on the screen at a time, made the animation even smoother, and made three rooms much easier. In 1999, version 2.0 was released for Win32. It doubled the default game speed, added joystick support, changed some of the voices and sound effects, made three rooms easier and added a save point to another. There are 2 adventures in this game, with only the first adventure playable in the shareware version.

Adventure 1: Crazy Computers
Adventure 2: Savage Stones

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Screenshot of The Adventures of MicroMan

Screenshot of The Adventures of MicroMan


The Adventures of MicroMan v2.0 Shareware Episode (2,798,404 bytes) 1999-08-19 Win9x
The Adventures of MicroMan v1.5 Shareware Episode (544,980 bytes) 1994-09-14 Win16
The Adventures of MicroMan v1.0 Shareware Episode (295,363 bytes) 1993-04-01 Win16


Brian Goble no longer sells this game.