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TerraFire  1997

Based on the classic video game Thrust, you pilot a small spacecraft to various planets in search of nuclear bombs that are hidden in heavily defended bunkers. The game retains the look and feel of AstroFire but adds varying levels of gravity and adds 360° parallax scrolling levels to navigate instead of wraparound levels. There are weapons and other upgrades, and you have to earn the right to save your game by finding the save power-up. Once you've found the bomb, you grab it with a tractor beam and must pull it into space. Grabbing the bomb triggers a booby trap and you have a short time to escape. The bomb has mass and inertia, so it pulls you around in the direction of its momentum, or in the direction of gravity when you aren't moving, making for a challenging escape. The realistic physics are a great addition but, in an homage to AstroFire, there are also bonus levels where you must destroy asteroids and other space ships while in hyperspace, where there is no gravity and the screen becomes wraparound. Shareware versions 2.0 and above have Win32-only installers but are still DOS games. There are 27 missions in this game, with only the first eight playable in the shareware version.

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Graphics modes

VGA Mode 13h



Complete version history:

TerraFire v2.05f Registered Version (2,426,074 bytes) 29 June 2007 DOS Play online
TerraFire v2.04d Shareware Episode (1,913,968 bytes) 29 March 2004 DOS
TerraFire v2.03d Shareware Episode (2,195,455 bytes) 26 February 2001 DOS
TerraFire v2.02d Shareware Episode (2,192,334 bytes) 1 November 2000 DOS
TerraFire v2.01d Shareware Episode (2,188,810 bytes) 12 April 2000 DOS
TerraFire v2.00d Shareware Episode (2,188,293 bytes) 23 March 2000 DOS
TerraFire v1.01 Shareware Episode (Still searching) 21 June 1999 DOS
TerraFire v1.0 Shareware Episode (Still searching) 1 October 1997 DOS

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ORT Software generously released this game as freeware on 29 June 2007.