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Telengard  1985

Daniel Lawrence's dungeon crawl game for mainframe computers, DND, was so popular that university students were using up all the system resources playing it. Under increasing pressure from system administrators, Lawrence bought a Commodore PET 2001 and decided to port the game for use on microcomputers. Unfortunately, the maps wouldn't fit in memory any more, so he reduced the number of dungeons from three to one, and instead of a map, he had the game generate the map algorithmically. This allowed him to create a 200×200 grid with 50 levels – that's two million "rooms" – from a small piece of code at runtime. The game was ported to many different computers and published by Avalon Hill. While DND was text-based, the PC version of Telengard featured CGA graphics. As in DND, you can pick up magical items, fight monsters, cast magic, and find treasure. Hit points and skill at casting magic increase as you gain experience points and level up. Whereas DND is turn-based, Telengard is played in real time, which means that monsters can attack you even when you're not moving.

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CGA Mode 04h

Screenshot of Telengard


Telengard v5.04 (53,423 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


Author Daniel Lawrence has generously released this game as freeware.