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Supernova  1987

A text adventure set in the future on a distant mining colony. Supernova recognizes over 1000 words and displays status information on the screen. Points are awarded for achieving goals and advancing the story. The original text of the game stated that "This game is placed in the public domain for your enjoyment", but also requested a $10 donation, so it should be considered full version shareware.

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Supernova Version B Freeware with Source code in Turbo Pascal 3.0 (774,455 bytes) 20 March 2009 DOS Play online
Supernova Version A Shareware (Still searching) xxxx DOS
Supernova Version B Shareware (150,158 bytes) xxxx DOS

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Apogee generously released this game as freeware under the Supernova Freeware License in March 1998.