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Super Ball!  1992

Like most ball and paddle games, Super Ball! is a simple game in which the player must break bricks with a ball and prevent the ball from dropping. An uncommon gameplay addition is that bombs sometimes fall from broken bricks, which will destroy the player's paddle if they hit it. Various power-ups sometimes fall from broken bricks, including a hand that allows the ball to be held, a traffic light that slows the ball down, an "x2" that doubles the point value of bricks, a flashing ball that causes the ball to pass through bricks without bouncing off of them, an angel that adds an extra life, an umbrella that instantly takes you to the next level, and a shield that protects you from falling bombs, only one of which can be active at a time. Coins also sometimes drop for extra points. Registering the game granted secret access to the Mystery level, as well as a few other goodies. There was also a Deluxe version that also added 10 more levels, several new Mystery levels, and added new power-ups.

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Graphics modes

VGA Mode 13h

Super Ball!


Super Ball! Shareware (83,988 bytes) 5 June 1992 DOS Play online

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