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SuperFly  1990

Flies have invaded your house, and you must fight them off with only a fly swatter. Move the swatter around the screen with your mouse or joystick to hit the flies, which leave corpses which are impassable. If you get surrounded so that you can't move, you lose a swatter. The SuperFly appears when you have killed enough flies. Kill the SuperFly to advance to the next round.

Added by DOSGuy

Graphics modes

EGA Mode 10h



SuperFly v2.1 Shareware (104,711 bytes) 1 September 1994 DOS Play online
SuperFly v2.0 Shareware (89,680 bytes) 1 October 1992 DOS
SuperFly v1.1 Shareware (78,225 bytes) 29 October 1990 DOS
SuperFly v1.0 Shareware (69,469 bytes) 7 July 1990 DOS

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Arcanum Computing still sells the registered version of this game for $15 on floppy disk.