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Stargunner  1996

This shooter has very good graphics and sound. Much like Tyrian, items can be purchased to upgrade your ship using money you collect for destroying enemies. The game is sidescrolling instead of vertical scrolling, which is unusual for a PC shooter. A wide variety of weapons and upgrades make for a lot of fun variation in gameplay.

Added by DOSGuy


Complete version history:

Stargunner v1.1a Registered (40,347,807 bytes) 1997-04-11 DOS Play online
Stargunner v1.1 Shareware Episode (5,379,786 bytes) 1997-02-21 DOS
Stargunner v1.0b Shareware Episode (5,340,972 bytes) 1996-11-19 DOS


Stargunner Shareware v1.0 to v1.1 patch (474,774 bytes) 1997-02-11 DOS
Stargunner Registered v1.0 to v1.1 patch (2,993,634 bytes) 1997-04-09 DOS


Apogee generously released this game as freeware under the Stargunner Freeware License in June 2005.

Cheat Codes

To enable cheats, press the "Pause" key (you must be in pause mode to type in cheat codes), followed by "imabigcheat". You will hear a bell sound when cheats become enabled as well as see your score disappear. You cannot enter a high score if you cheat.

blast - Full powerup of the current main weapon
plasma - Selects plasma main weapon (blue wide fire)
pulse - Selects pulse main weapon (red stream fire)
cash - Mega credits, gives you 5,000 credits.
flames - Ship becomes invincible for a short time.
nuke - Full nukes; gives you up to 4 nukes
life - Extra Life
warpto# - Warp to any level in current episode where # is a level from 1 to 9
impulse - Gives Standard Impulser
ioniser - Gives Hydrogen Ioniser
megapulse - Gives Megapulse 2000
gravdis - Gives Gravdis 5
ener - Enertron
mine - Mineslammer
dyna - Dynamo 500
t00 - Removes Top Sidearm
t01 - Credit Drone
t02 - Plasma Bomb
t03 - Evolter
t04 - Matter Disrupter
t05 - Rebounder
t06 - A-Matt Boomerang
t07 - Fragmentor BE800
t08 - Bi Particle Cannon
t09 - Flamer
t10 - Ion Cannon
t11 - Magnum 3000DX
t12 - Dual Laser
t13 - Torpedo Launcher
b00 - Removes Bottom Sidearm
b01 - Credit Drone
b02 - Plasma Bomb
b03 - Evolter
b04 - Matter Disrupter
b05 - Rebounder
b06 - A-Matt Boomerang
b07 - Fragmentor BE800
b08 - Bi Particle Cannon
b09 - Flamer
b10 - Ion Cannon
b11 - Magnum 3000DX
b12 - Dual Laser
b13 - Torpedo Launcher