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Starfire  1992

Starfire is a shooter with cute graphics and decent gameplay. Your starship flies along the surface of a huge mothership and battles enemies while avoiding obstacles, making its way to the power generator to destroy the ship. Your ship has shields and can pick up weapon upgrades (W), shield refills (S), 1-ups, and temporary invincibility (I). You get a password to continue your game after every second level. There are 10 levels in Part 1. Version 1.4 adds a crosshair and voice acting. Starting with v1.3, Starfire has a Part II for registered users of Part 1. There are 2 episodes in this game with only the first episode playable in the shareware version.

Starfire I: Invaders from Space
Starfire II: The Sloboids Must Die !!

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode X

Screenshot of Starfire


Starfire v1.4 Shareware (184,725 bytes) 1993-05-12 DOS Play online
Starfire v1.3 Shareware (182,239 bytes) 1993-04-17 DOS
Starfire v1.2 Shareware (134,144 bytes) 1992-11-16 DOS


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