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Star Wars Pit Droids  1999

One of five educational games published under the Lucas Learning brand, this hidden gem is a bit like Lemmings. The pit droids walk in a straight line across a hexagonal grid, and the player puts arrows on the ground to direct them to their destination. Colored arrows tell only droids of that color to obey, while white arrows represent orders for all droids. Sometimes the droids must do things like collect keys to lower barriers. The droids are launched out of a machine at regular intervals and must sometimes cross paths, so sometimes the challenge is timing it so that droids pass through the gaps in each other's line without crashing into each other. Pit Droids must be run in Windows 95 compatibility mode on Windows XP and newer. There are eight difficulty levels ranging from easy to levels that are extremely challenging for adults. There are over 300 puzzles in this game, with only 7 playable in the shareware demo.

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Screenshot of Star Wars Pit Droids


Star Wars Pit Droids v1.0 Shareware Demo (17,946,940 bytes) 1999-09-09 Win9x


Lucas Learning no longer sells this game.