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StarCraft  1998

StarCraft is an RTS set in space, and is credited with revolutionizing the RTS genre. Prior to StarCraft, all civilizations/races in an RTS tended to have the same types of units, so it made little difference which one was chosen. In StarCraft, there are three different races, each with very different units and strategies. Zerg units aren't very strong, but can be created quickly, allowing them to overwhelm the enemy with superior numbers. Protoss units are strong, but expensive to build, emphasizing strength over quantity. Terrans are half way between. Workers can gather minerals and vespene gas, and build basic and advanced structures. Some buildings can research better weapons and vehicles. Since the game involves futuristic weapons and spacecraft, buildings that construct workers, soldiers and vehicles can be moved, a novel concept. StarCraft also features an engaging story that unfolds throughout the game, and not just in missing briefings between levels: sometimes reinforcements arrive during a mission and reveal more of the story. Another unique feature of StarCraft is that the story unfolds by playing each species in turn, with players controlling each species for 10 campaigns. The shareware demo features a tutorial and three prequel campaigns that establish the setting for the commercial version. StarCraft was followed by two third-party expansion packs, Insurrection and Retribution, which were not well received, and Blizzard's own critically acclaimed Brood War expansion.

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Screenshot of StarCraft


StarCraft v1.01 Shareware Demo (29,569,755 bytes) xxxx Win9x


Blizzard no longer sells this game.

It can be purchased from Amazon:

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