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Squarez Deluxe!  1992

Squarez is a puzzle game in which blocks of various shapes can enter the screen from the bottom corner of the screen and can be rotated and placed anywhere, provided that they can be moved through the blocks that are already sitting in the playing field. The goal is to place the blocks so that squares of at least 3×3 are formed, which causes them to disappear. There are also special blocks, such as bombs, missiles, and goo, that can remove blocks or hinder your ability to move or place blocks. The game ends when you can no longer move pieces onto the playing field. Originally known as just Squarez, the game was renamed Squarez Deluxe! and the version number returned to v1.0 when it began to be published by Software Creations, which was renamed Impulse Software by v1.2.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Squarez Deluxe!


Jetpack and Squarez Deluxe! v1.5 Registered (495,141 bytes) 1998-12-17 DOS Play online
Squarez Deluxe! v1.2 Shareware (203,631 bytes) 1994-10-16 DOS
Squarez Deluxe! v1.1a Shareware (157,232 bytes) 1993-08-23 DOS
Squarez Deluxe! v1.1 Shareware (157,191 bytes) 1993-08-03 DOS
Squarez Deluxe! v1.0 Shareware (166,494 bytes) 1993-06-27 DOS
Squarez v1.2 Shareware (66,316 bytes) 1992-09-21 DOS
Squarez v1.0 Shareware (62,474 bytes) 1992-07-03 DOS


Author Adam Pedersen generously released Jetpack and Squarez Deluxe! as freeware under the Jetpack and Squarez Deluxe Freeware License on 17 December 1998. They are both in the same zip file.