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Space Nightmare  1994

Despite the name, Space Nightmare isn't remotely scary. The game is a horizontal auto-scrolling shooter, with the usual goal of destroying invading alien space ships, in this case Sproids from the Vaftrz galaxy who have come to steal Earth's copper. Besides your standard weapon, you also have a limited supply of rockets. There are plenty of weapon upgrades, you have a hit meter, and all weapon upgrades are lost when you get hit. Most levels feature a choice of three ships: Dynamite, which is quick and fires only forward; Blaster, which is slower, but whose shots spread out when weapon upgrades are acquired; and Cancer, which can fire in four directions when weapon upgrades are acquired. There are also side-scrolling levels in which you control Master ship and an accompanying "satellite". Space Nightmare supports VESA SVGA graphics in 640×480×256 color mode, although it can operate in 640×480×16 color mode if you only have a VGA graphics card. SVGA mode allows for more colorful title, menu and high score screens, but the graphics are reduced to 320×240×16 colors once the game starts, so it's more or less flashy dressing for a "Mode X" VGA game. The game was written with DASH 1.0, Turbo Assembler 4.0 and Turbo C++ 3.0. There are 10 levels in the registered version.

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VGA Mode X

Screenshot of Space Nightmare


Space Nightmare v1.0 Shareware (774,433 bytes) 1994-11-24 DOS Play online


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