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Slam!  1993

After all these years, Slam! is still the best air hockey game I've ever played. The puck moves smoothly, the speed is intense, and the sound effects are perfect. This game just looks, sounds and feels like air hockey. The computer's skill can be adjusted to make the game challenging for any player. Even the colors can be customized. The game is first to 11 points, which is one of the few settings that can't be adjusted from within the game – though an unpublished variable called "PointsToWin" can be added to the .ini file. Fun for all ages.

Added by DOSGuy



Screenshot of Slam!


Slam! v1.0 Freeware (44,318 bytes) xxxx Win16 Play online


Author Robert Epps generously released this game as freeware on 5 February 2008.