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SkyNET  1996

Marketed as "The Terminator: SkyNET" in Europe, SkyNET is a first-person shooter set in the Terminator universe after Judgment Day. The machines are trying to recover a nuclear weapon. The game was originally planned as an expansion for The Terminator: Future Shock – which is why the demo calls itself "TFS: SkyNet" – SkyNET eventually became a full sequel. Based on an upgraded version of Bethesda's XnGine, SkyNET supports both VGA and SVGA graphics modes. The levels are fully 3D, and the game has 20 weapons, driveable vehicles, and multiplayer missions with up to 8 players. Each level begins with video mission briefing, though this feature is not included in the shareware demo. There are 8 missions and 10 multiplayer levels in this game, with only one mission and one multiplayer level playable in the shareware demo.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of SkyNET
SVGA Mode 101h

Screenshot of SkyNET


SkyNET Demo v1.00 Build 518 (11,476,901 bytes) 1996-11-11 DOS Play online


Bethesda Softworks no longer sells this game.