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SinkSub Pro  1995

SinkSub Pro is the sequel to SinkSub for Windows, a simple game where you take control of a Swedish patrol boat and try to hit submarines with sinkbombs, while they try to hit you with floatbombs. It's just that simple! The 32-bit version was called SinkSub Pro 97 until v2.0. Version 2.02 was the last to come in a Win16 version. SinkSub Pro increases the color depth to 256 colors from 16, and features improved graphics, two additional levels of depth at the bottom of the sea for parallax scrolling, and adds a number of new enemies. There are 50 levels in this game, with only the first 10 levels playable in the shareware version.

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SinkSub Pro

SinkSub Pro


SinkSub Pro v2.06 Shareware (935,126 bytes) 21 April 2009 Win9x
SinkSub Pro v2.04 Shareware (920,368 bytes) 28 August 2003 Win9x
SinkSub Pro v2.03 Shareware (920,083 bytes) 6 October 2002 Win9x
SinkSub Pro v2.02 Shareware (863,408 bytes) 3 March 1999 Win16
SinkSub Pro v2.02 Shareware (876,771 bytes) 3 March 1999 Win9x
SinkSub Pro v2.01 Shareware (782,708 bytes) 12 January 1999 Win9x
SinkSub Pro 97 v1.30 Shareware (700,275 bytes) 23 February 1997 Win9x
SinkSub Pro 97 v1.21 Shareware (694,742 bytes) 2 December 1996 Win9x
SinkSub Pro v1.21 Shareware (668,593 bytes) 13 November 1996 Win16
SinkSub Pro v2.01 Shareware (Still searching) xxxx Win16
SinkSub Pro v2.0 Shareware (868,777 bytes) xxxx Win16
SinkSub Pro v2.0 Shareware (882,045 bytes) xxxx Win9x
SinkSub Pro v2.05 Shareware (Still searching) xxxx Win9x

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Wihlborg Entertainment still sells this game for $9.95 by download.