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Shooting Gallery  1990

A surprisingly well-rounded shooting simulation. There are seven rounds of shooting, two each of a traditional carnival "duck shoot" game, skeet shooting, and target practice, and it concludes with a western-style shootout mode. The graphics are quite nice, and there are SoundBlaster sound effects. The registered version includes a much larger sound effects library.

Added by DOSGuy

Graphics modes

VGA Mode 13h

Shooting Gallery


Shooting Gallery v3.3 Shareware (216,995 bytes) 7 February 1995 DOS Play online
Shooting Gallery v3.2 Shareware (215,598 bytes) 1 September 1994 DOS
Shooting Gallery v3.1 Shareware (205,898 bytes) 9 March 1994 DOS
Shooting Gallery v3.0 Shareware (182,829 bytes) 8 December 1993 DOS
Shooting Gallery v2.3 Shareware (117,947 bytes) 16 December 1991 DOS
Shooting Gallery v2.2 Shareware (116,500 bytes) 28 October 1990 DOS
Shooting Gallery v2.1 Shareware (118,549 bytes) 13 June 1990 DOS
Shooting Gallery v2.0 Shareware (109,467 bytes) 15 May 1990 DOS
Shooting Gallery v1.1 Shareware (78,430 bytes) 23 February 1990 DOS
Shooting Gallery v1.0 Shareware (77,239 bytes) 29 January 1990 DOS

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Arcanum Computing still sells the registered version of this game for $16 on floppy disk.