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Shadow Warrior  1997

Based on the Build engine, Shadow Warrior improves on Duke Nukem 3D by adding features like voxels and transparent water. The game is a first person shooter in which Lo Wang is the protagonist. Formerly a body guard, his employer is attempting to conquer Japan with evil creatures from "the dark side". When he resigned, those creatures were sent to kill him. He can fight with his fists, guns, kitana, shurikens, and other Asian weapons. The game is full of voice clips, and Lo Wang makes funny comments throughout the game, usually based on Chinese or Japanese contributions to American culture. Although every bit as violent as other first person shooters, Shadow Warrior is supposed to be a humorous take on the genre. Much of the environment can be damaged or destroyed, and shurikens and bullet casings remain in the environment where they land. The graphics and realism are very impressive. There are 18 levels in this game, with only the first 4 playable in the shareware version.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Shadow Warrior
SVGA Mode 101h

Screenshot of Shadow Warrior
SVGA Mode 103h

Screenshot of Shadow Warrior


Complete version history:

Shadow Warrior v1.2 Shareware Episode (13,299,147 bytes) 1997-09-03 DOS
Shadow Warrior v1.1 Shareware Episode (13,116,968 bytes) 1997-05-26 DOS
Shadow Warrior v1.0 Shareware Episode (12,857,851 bytes) 1997-05-13 DOS

Source code

Source code for Shadow Warrior (4,763,385 bytes) xxxx


Shadow Warrior Shareware v1.1 to v1.2 patch (1,126,910 bytes) xxxx DOS
Shadow Warrior Shareware v1.0 to v1.1 patch (3,583,084 bytes) 1997-05-26 DOS
Shadow Warrior 3Dfx patch for v1.2 Shareware Episode (1,800,698 bytes) 1998-01-30 DOS
Shadow Warrior 3Dfx patch for v1.2 Registered CD (1,807,122 bytes) 1998-01-30 DOS


Apogee still sells the registered version of this game for $10 by download.

It can be downloaded in a Windows-compatible format from GOG for $5.99.

Cheat Codes

To activate these cheat codes, type "T" during game play, and then enter the code.

SWCHAN - God Mode
SWGIMME - Gives all Inventory Items
SWTREKxx - Level Warp where xx is the level number. Example: SWTREK02 goes to level 2.
SWGHOST - No Clipping On/Off
SWMAP - Full Map On/Off
SWLOC - Displays Frame Rate. Use a second time, shows location in level.
SWRES - Changes Screen Resolution
SWGREED - Turns on God Mode, gives all items & ammo
WINPACHINKO - Makes it so that you win at the Pachinko machines every time.
SWSTART - Restarts current Level
SWQUIT - Quits Game
SWTRIX - "Bunny Rocket" Mode
SWNAME - During a multi-player game, lets you change your name.
DUMPSOUNDS - Development Only - Dumps sound listing to a file.
SOUNDxxx - Development Only - Plays Sound number xxx
SWCHAN - God Mode