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Sango Fighter  1993

A Street Fighter clone, Sango Fighter is set in ancient China at the end of the Han Dynasty. Choose a general to fight enemy generals in detailed Chinese locales to restore peace to the empire. The graphics and sound are quite good and the scrolling is smooth for a DOS fighting game. There are 5 playable fighters in the registered version, with only 2 playable in the shareware version.

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Graphics modes

VGA Mode 13h

Sango Fighter


Sango Fighter v1.1 Chinese Registered (1,635,872 bytes) 19 April 2009 DOS
Sango Fighter v1.1 English Registered (1,634,635 bytes) 3 April 2009 DOS
Sango Fighter v1.1 Shareware (1,130,594 bytes) 16 February 1994 DOS Play online
Sango Fighter v1.0 Shareware (1,126,113 bytes) 30 November 1993 DOS

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Copyright holder Super Fighter Team generously released this game as freeware in April 2009.