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Round-42  1986

Round-42 (originally "Round 42") is the predecessor to Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom. The game is basically an advanced version of Space Invaders, with waves of aliens descending from the top of the screen, increasing in speed as their numbers decrease, and destroying you when they reach the bottom. There are no shields, and you have a limited number of "phazor" shots (you start with one and earn another every 7500 points) that never miss to help you hit those last few aliens of the round. Far from being repetitive, each of the 42 waves of aliens has a different appearance and behavior. The first wave is clearly made up of space bats, so it's interesting to see how this concept evolved into one of the most popular and bizarre shooters of all time. Version 1.0 promised that anyone who sent $10 or more would receive Elven Software's next product for free. Version 2.0 changed the name to "Round-42" and revealed that registered users would received Shooting Gallery for free.

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CGA non-standard mode

Screenshot of Round-42


Round-42 v2.0 Shareware (27,512 bytes) xxxx DOS
Round 42 Shareware (27,377 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


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