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Road Rash  1996

Based on the 3DO version of the game, Road Rash is technically the fourth game in the Road Rash series, sometimes called Road Rash 3D to distinguish it from the 1992 Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game. 15 motorcycles have illegal road races through city traffic, and there are no rules. Bikers punch and kick each other, and can crash into pedestrians and other vehicles, and can even battle with police officers. Players must finish in the top 3 to advance to the next race, and earn money that can be used to buy faster bikes, some of which come with nitro boosts. The Peninsula is the only race in the pre-release demo, but this game is still addictively fun to play. w7ddpatcher may be necessary to correct the colors on modern versions of Windows. There are 5 volumes in this game, with only one race playable in the shareware version.

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Screenshot of Road Rash


Road Rash Pre-release Demo (4,739,162 bytes) 1996-08-23 Win9x


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