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Rise of the Robots  1994

It is the year 2043. The megacorporation Electrocorp, the world's largest robot manufacturer, creates an artificial intelligence called the Supervisor which, due to a virus, becomes self-aware and takes over the Metropolis 4 research and development complex. If it breaks out, it will enslave the world. The only hope is a cyborg which, due to its human brain, is the only machine in the complex that is not infected by the virus. Rise of the Robots is a fighting game in which the Cyborg must fight increasingly difficult enemies and eventually defeat the Supervisor. Featuring impressive graphics, Rise was hindered by a complex control system and a relatively small number of fighting moves compared to other fighting games at the time. While most fighting games allow players to choose their character, the Cyborg is the only playable character in single player mode. In multiplayer mode, one player fights as the Cyborg, while the other chooses one of the other five robots (the Supervisor can also be unlocked by a cheat code), and the later opponents continue to be stronger than the earlier opponents, leaving the characters unbalanced. A pre-release demo was released in which two human players can fight as the Cyborg versus Military. There are 7 robots in this game, with only 2 robots playable in the shareware version.

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SVGA Mode 100h

Screenshot of Rise of the Robots


Rise of the Robots Demo (4,992,108 bytes) 1994-08-22 DOS Play online


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