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Rings of the Magi for Windows  1996

Following v1.1 for DOS, Rings of the Magi for Windows v1.2 was released. Rings of the Magi is a puzzle game in which colored rings are placed on a board and can be moved with arrows. You have to move them such that rings match up and eliminate each other, completely clearing the board. Levels are broken into four difficulty levels and can be very challenging. It is one of the most popular shareware games of all time. Unlike his other games, the copyright is attributed to David Bollinger instead of his company, Cytherean Adventures, and there is no splash screen for Cytherean. The registered version is called Rings of the Magi for Windows: Grand Master Edition. There are 100 levels in this game, with only 12 playable in the shareware version.

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Screenshot of Rings of the Magi for Windows


Rings of the Magi for Windows v1.2 Shareware (1,823,187 bytes) 1996-08-02 Win16


MVP Software no longer sells this game.