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Redhook's Revenge  1993

Redhook's Revenge is a pirate-themed board game. Players roll a die and move their ship around the board. Some spaces require you to answer trivia questions, and the rewards will often include items that will help you during the game. Insurance, for instance, can be used to protect yourself from disasters. Most items, like ropes or cotton, only protect against specific disasters. Winning cannons will help you attack cities, or other players if you land on their square. The more cannons you have, the more dice you can roll. Perhaps not as practical as the trivia in most educational games, there is some interesting information about the age of pirates, and the game is infused with a sense of humor as well. The full version is now freeware, but it can't be distributed without permission, so you'll need to go to ImagiSOFT's website to download it.

Added by DOSGuy


Redhook's Revenge v1.3 Shareware (561,852 bytes) 1995-04-01 DOS Play online
Redhook's Revenge v1.2 Shareware (Still searching) 1994-04-01 DOS
Redhook's Revenge v1.1 Shareware (395,481 bytes) 1993-02-01 DOS
Redhook's Revenge v1.0 Shareware (391,274 bytes) 1993-01-01 DOS


ImagiSOFT has generously released this game as freeware, which can only be downloaded from their website.