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Quadnet  1999

Quadnet is a simple arcade game with explosive action. Players control a ship that can move in four directions across a grid while independently firing in any of the four directions. Orbs enter the grid from every direction and will destroy the player's ship if they collide with it. The playing field tilts as the player's ship moves around the grid. More and more spheres fill the playing field as the game progresses, resulting in some pretty intense action and a screen filled with explosions. More proof that a simple concept, well executed, can make a great game. The original version crashed when the score reached 1 000 000, a score that the developers considered impossible at the time.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Quadnet


Quadnet Bug-fix version Freeware (288,217 bytes) 2002-03-03 DOS Play online
Quadnet Original version Freeware (286,686 bytes) 1999-01-28 DOS


This game was originally released under a freeware license.