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Prospector  1991

Prospector is a challenging little arcade platform game that takes place in a gold mine. Each level features a series of platforms with nuggets of gold embedded in them, sometimes connected by ladders, elevators, conveyor belts, teleportation platforms, and jets of flame. The prospector must avoid a number of hostile creatures by jumping over them or hiding from them. Snarfs are unable to climb ladders or jump across gaps, Ratty can climb ladders but not jump across gaps, and Igor can climb ladders and jump across gaps. Grofs leap out of mining carts at the edges of the level, and there are also giant bats. When positioned over a gold nugget, the prospector can drop down to collect it, during which time enemies will pass harmlessly over him. He can also jump across gaps between the platforms, though falling off a platform kills him. Touching a gas bomb will temporarily stun all of the enemies except for Igor. Touching an enemy, even while stunned, costs the prospector a life. Whenever the prospector loses a life, he must start the level over again, with all of the gold nuggets returned to their places on the platforms. There are 150 levels in this game, with only the first 10 levels playable in the shareware version.

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EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of Prospector


Prospector v1.0 Shareware (18,872 bytes) 1991-11-11 DOS Play online


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