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Prairie Dog Hunt for Windows  1993

Prairie Dog Hunt for Windows is basically Whack-A-Mole with guns. Prairie Dogs pop out of ten holes in the terrain for a few seconds, and you can shoot them with one of three kinds of guns: the Pellet Gun, .44 Magnum, and Shotgun. Prairie Dogs die with two hits from the Pellet Gun or one hit from the .44 Magnum, and the Shotgun kills every prairie dog on the screen. Consequently, Pellet Gun kills are worth 10 points, .44 Magnum kills are worth 5 points, and the Shotgun is worth 1 point per dog killed; misses costs you one point. Some of the prairie dogs are rabid and will bite you if you don't shoot them. The game ends when you get 5 rabies bites, kill all of the prairie dogs, or run out of ammunition. There are three prairie dog settings (20, 50, or 100 dogs) and three ammo settings to adjust the difficulty level.

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Screenshot of Prairie Dog Hunt for Windows


Prairie Dog Hunt for Windows v1.5 Shareware (313,308 bytes) 1994-02-26 Win16
Prairie Dog Hunt for Windows v1.0 Shareware (241,814 bytes) 1993-07-20 Win16


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