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Pheasant Hunt  1996

Pheasant Hunt demonstrates just how easy it is to make a game for Windows in Visual Basic. Take a photograph and reduce it to 256 colors and make it scrollable, overlay images of a gun, a dog, some pheasants, and of course shot gun blasts and cartridge shells, add a few sound effects, and you've got Pheasant Hunt! In Pheasant Hunt, your dog chases pheasants out of the grass, and you aim at them by moving your mouse, which pans the "shooting area" in four directions. Pheasants can only be shot while they're within the shooting area, and you can only fire three shots before reloading. Points are awarded for shooting male pheasants (faster pheasants are worth more points), whereas 25 points are deducted for shooting females. There are three difficulty levels, which decrease the shooting area and increase the speed of the pheasants. Rounds can be 1, 2, 5 minutes, or infinitely long, with only the 1 and 2 minute options available in the shareware version.

Added by DOSGuy



Screenshot of Pheasant Hunt


Pheasant Hunt Shareware (794,186 bytes) 1996-05-17 Win16


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