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Pandora's Box  1999

The mythical Pandora's Box has been opened, releasing seven tricksters: Maui, Puck, Eris, Coyote, Monkey, Anansi, and Raven. Puzzles are located in 35 cities around the world. For each trickster, a number of puzzles are located in a few of the cities. One puzzle in each city will unlock a puzzle piece. Players don't need to solve any remaining puzzles in a city after finding the puzzle piece, but they get free puzzle tokens for every 10 puzzles that they solve. There are ten types of puzzles in the game. In Focus Point there are tiles of random size and pieces in each tile. To solve the puzzle, players swap tiles until the picture is correct. In Overlap, pieces of the puzzle contain some of the picture from other pieces, so that they must be placed on top of already-completed portions of the puzzle. In Outer Layer, pieces must be rotated and placed on a three-dimensional object. Rotascope is a traditional sliding puzzle, except that it's made of concentric rings instead of rectangles. In most of the puzzles, pieces stretch and skew to fill the size of the tile, which can cause them to have the wrong aspect ratio. The puzzle piece locations are randomized in each game for replayability. The game was developed by Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of Tetris. There are 350 puzzles in 35 cities in this game, with only the first two cities in the first level (Capture Maui) playable in the shareware version. There were also four "mini-trial" Focus Point demos, each offering a single puzzle. Only one Pandora's Box trial version can be installed at a time, so installing any of the mini-trial puzzles will overwrite the larger demo. (Note the misspelling of Garry Kasparov's name in the "Kasperov Vs. The World" puzzle demo.)

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Screenshot of Pandora's Box


Pandora's Box v1.0 Demo (16,332,016 bytes) 1999-06-04 Win9x
Pandora's Box Flight Simulator Puzzle (3,253,504 bytes) 1999-12-07 Win9x
Pandora's Box Age of Empires 2 Box Cover Puzzle (3,298,624 bytes) 1999-08-13 Win9x
Pandora's Box Kasperov Vs. The World Puzzle (3,290,424 bytes) 1999-08-11 Win9x
Pandora's Box Waikiki! (3,257,624 bytes) 1999-07-14 Win9x


Pandora's Box v1.0a patch for Pentium III processors (English & French version) (1,008,608 bytes) 2000-02-22 Win9x
Pandora's Box v1.0a patch for Pentium III processors (Japanese version) (Still searching) 2000-02-22 Win9x


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