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Nitemare-3D for Windows  1994

Hugo goes 3D in the Windows version of this first-person shooter trilogy. This time Penelope has been abducted by Dr. Hamerstein, and Hugo must find his way through levels full of monsters to save her. Some helpful additions to FPS games of this era are an auto-mapping feature to help with exploration, and the ability to check how many monsters, secret panels, keys and other objects are left in the level. The game focuses more on exploration than pure fighting, making it slightly more cerebral than other first-person shooters, and suitable for a slightly younger audience, though still too violent to be suitable for young children who may be used to the Hugo Trilogy. There are 3 episodes in this game, with only the first episode playable in the shareware version.

Episode 1 - A House of Horrors
Episode 2 - The Plasma Core
Episode 3 - Death or Glory

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Nitemare-3D for Windows


Nitemare-3D for Windows v1.8 Shareware Episode (1,465,344 bytes) 13 June 1996 Win16
Nitemare-3D for Windows v1.6 Shareware Episode (1,392,642 bytes) 12 September 1995 Win16
Nitemare-3D for Windows v1.3 Shareware Episode (1,393,421 bytes) 11 December 1994 Win16

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Gray Design Associates still sells the DOS and Windows versions of the Nitemare-3D Trilogy collectively for $12 by download.