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Mystic Towers  1994

Mystic Towers is a 3D-perspective adventure game starring an elderly wizard named Baron Baldric. Your mission is to destroy monster generators in the Lazarian Towers, and kill all of the monsters. Baldric can use a number of spells to kill monsters, levitate over obstacles, reveal secrets, and teleport. The game has very nice music and is full of imaginative monsters. Version 1.0 was an incomplete version that was only released in a UK Magazine. Version 1.1 was the first complete shareware version. The confusing part is that the installation file on Apogee's website states that the download contains v1.0, the installer claims to be installing v1.1, and the game screen says v1.11. This is, in fact, the only complete version that was ever released to the public. There are 6 episodes in this game, with only the first episode playable in the shareware version. Each episode has 2 towers, making for a total of 12 towers, and over 600 rooms to explore.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Mystic Towers


Complete version history:

Mystic Towers v1.11 Shareware Episode (1,074,729 bytes) 1994-07-15 DOS Play online


Apogee still sells the registered version of this game for $5.99 by download.

Cheat Codes

Customer Cheat

Cheats are activated by typing "BALDRIC" during a level. Once activated, your score is reset to zero, and you can press the following key combos to achieve what is listed:

[lshift] R xx - where xx is a number of a room to jump to (01-45)
[lshift] H - to get maximum health, also food and drink
[lshift] K - to get all keys except the end tower key
[lshift] W - to get full weapons
[lshift] C - to get ten coins

Only the health cheat works in the shareware version; the rest require the registered version.