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Moraff's Ultra Blast  1995

A ball and paddle game with three gameplay modes: Traditional, Falling Walls, and Special Effects. All three modes can be played by one player or two players. The paddles can be controlled by keyboard or mouse. Traditional and Falling Walls are the same as in Moraff's Blast and Super Blast. The real story is Special Effects. Instead of scoring points, your goal is to complete each level by destroying all of the non-permanent bricks. There are bricks that split the ball into four balls, destroy balls, bricks that the ball can only pass through while going up or down, bricks that create new bricks, bricks that move when hit, among others. The graphics are significantly different from the other Blast games, some of which seem ugly. The major new addition to the game is that the paddle can now move anywhere on the screen, making it much easier to keep the ball inside hard to reach areas. There are five versions of Special Effects which seem to have some relationship to their difficulty. Registered users receive Moraff's Ultra Blast II, which has at least 100 new screens.

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Screenshot of Moraff's Ultra Blast


Moraff's Ultra Blast v3.0 Shareware (550,662 bytes) xxxx Win16


I have found no ordering information for this game, and it is not listed on Moraff's website.