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Moraff's Revenge  1988

The first 3D dungeon game for the PC. This simple RPG has a map that fills out as you explore, and makes for a fun challenge. This "Beginner's Version" will only allow you to explore the first 17 levels of the dungeon or achieve the 17th level of experience before you have to register and receive the "Advanced Version" to continue. There are 70 levels and multiple dungeons in this game, with only the first 17 levels playable in the shareware version.

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CGA Mode 04h

Screenshot of Moraff's Revenge


Moraff's Revenge v3.2 Shareware (134,041 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online
Moraff's Revenge v3.1 Shareware (133,772 bytes) xxxx DOS
Moraff's Revenge v3.0 Shareware (144,613 bytes) xxxx DOS


Moraff still sells the registered version of this game through Software Diversions for $10 by registered download, or as part of Moraff's Dungeon Pack for $19 by download.