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Moraff's Radiation  1996

Moraff's Radiation is a highly customizable version of Minesweeper. The game can be played with a number of grid sizes and bomb densities, and features a lot of sound effects and backgrounds. There are two differences in gameplay from Minesweeper: time bonuses are located randomly throughout the minefield which put a few seconds back on your clock, and hitting a mine doesn't end your game. The high score is the one with the fewest explosions, or the fastest completion without setting off any bombs. The registered version features more difficulty levels, voices, and 16 million color backgrounds.

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Screenshot of Moraff's Radiation

Screenshot of Moraff's Radiation


Moraff's Radiation v2.0 Shareware (2,940,306 bytes) 1998-02-03 Win16 (Win32s), Win9x
Moraff's Radiation v1.0 Shareware (1,358,161 bytes) xxxx Win16


MoraffWare no longer sells this game.