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Moraff's Pinball  1989

Moraff's Pinball claims to be the first game to ever support 640×480 VGA mode (it also supports 640×350 EGA mode), which is pretty much this game's only claim to fame. The graphics are unimpressive for a pinball game, but remember that it was 1989. There are five paddles that can each be operated independently, two of which are part of a mini table on the left side of the table. There are bumpers and drop targets. Multi-ball can be played with three to five balls. Your goal is to catch and lock five balls inside chutes that are located around the table. Version 2.0 refers to the game as a "free 'try out' copy", which only gives you one ball unless a $10 registration code is entered to allow five balls. Version 3.0 is a full version which is registered simply by reading an ad for the sale of computers by MoraffWare. Version 5.0 asks for registration, though no cost is listed, saying that the game is supported by "those who use and pay for" it. The registered version of 7.0 mentions a feature that allows you to launch a series of balls by hitting the up arrow repeatedly.

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Graphics modes

EGA Mode 10h

Moraff's Pinball
VGA Mode 12h

Moraff's Pinball


Moraff's Pinball v2.0 Shareware (81,743 bytes) xxxx DOS
Moraff's Pinball v3.0 Shareware (77,817 bytes) xxxx DOS
Moraff's Pinball v5.0 Shareware (84,459 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online

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I have found no ordering information for this game, and it is not listed on Moraff's website.