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Moraff's Flygame  1991

Probably the simplest game that MoraffWare ever produced, Moraff's Flygame consists of randomly generated mountains, valleys and lakes, and an airplane that can only fly up (by pressing U) and down (by pressing D), at a fixed rate of speed. The goal is to avoid running into a mountain, at which you receive a score based on distance traveled. I'll be honest, this game isn't likely to hold anyone's attention for more than a few minutes, but it is a classic piece of MoraffWare software and is interesting as a historical curiosity. The game uses a non-standard 360×480 VGA resolution, but later versions include two extra files: one called "FLY", which is the same as Flygame but without the airplane, and "MCGAFLY", which is another random map generator which uses Mode 13h's lower 320×200 resolution. With no gameplay whatsoever, it looks like they were intended to be used as screensavers in the showroom of computer stores, where they might draw attention to the rest of MoraffWare's catalog. This game was mentioned in the ordering information of most other Moraff games, but there was never a registered version; Moraff's Flygame was always freely distributable.

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Moraff's Flygame


Moraff's Flygame (newer) Freeware (23,935 bytes) 19 February 1991 DOS
Moraff's Flygame (older) Freeware (10,116 bytes) 5 January 1991 DOS Play online

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This game was originally released under a freeware license.