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Moraff's Blast I  1991

A ball and paddle game with three gameplay modes: Brick Walls, Falling Walls, and The Blast Adventure. All three modes can be played by one player, two players, one human and the computer, or just the computer. In two player mode, each player's paddle can move within just over half of the screen. The player with the lower score goes on top of the other paddle in the overlap at the center. The paddles can be controlled by keyboard, mouse, or joystick. Brick Walls is basically the classic Breakout game, where every block must be destroyed to clear the screen. Single colored blocks take one hit, while striped blocks take two. Blocks at the top of the screen increase the ball's speed, while lower blocks slow the ball down. When the screen is cleared, a new set of blocks appear, and the game cycles forever. Falling walls is essentially the same, except that blocks descend every few hits, adding new rows that are one or two blocks thick, with gaps of one or two blocks between them. If they get too low they disappear, but the lower the blocks are to the ground, the less reaction time you have. The real story is The Blast Adventure. Instead of scoring points, your goal is to complete each level by hitting the tunnel to the next level. There are blocks that allow you to catch the ball or lose that ability, make the paddle larger or smaller, speed the ball up or slow it down, split the ball into four balls, 1-Ups, vertically striped blocks that take two hits, and horizontally striped balls that take many hits. There are 21 screens in the adventure. Registered users received Moraff's Blast II, which has 140 new screens.

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Moraff's Blast I v1.5 Shareware (101,684 bytes) xxxx DOS
Moraff's Blast I v1.1 Shareware (92,245 bytes) xxxx DOS


I have found no ordering information for this game, and it is not listed on Moraff's website.