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Monster Truck Madness 2  1998

Picking up where the original left off, Monster Truck Madness 2 is a monster truck racing and simulation game. The engine from Monster Truck Madness was significantly upgraded for the sequel. Weather conditions such as fog, rain, and snow were added, as well as advanced lighting effects like headlights. Graphics are greatly enhanced by enabling the Glide API. Players can view the game from either an in-truck (cockpit) camera or a number of external camera angles. The entire race can be replayed and viewed from cameras located around the track, any of the trucks' cockpits, the Goodyear blimp, or chaser cams, and from any angle. There are 20 trucks in this game, with only 4 playable in the shareware version.

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Screenshot of Monster Truck Madness 2

Screenshot of Monster Truck Madness 2


Monster Truck Madness 2 v2.00.41 MMX Trial Version (18,491,952 bytes) 1998-05-06 Win9x


Microsoft no longer sells this game.