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Micro Machines  1993

A racing game based on the small model car toys of the same name. Players race toy cars in the real world, racing on tables and avoid obstacles such as binders, rulers, books. It's legal to drive outside of the lines to a certain extent, but if your car falls off the course, your car is returned to the last point where it was inside the lines. The keyboard controls are poorly thought out and unchangeable: Q and A accelerate and decelerate, and S and D turn left and right. I find it easiest to use one hand for speed and the other for turning, which isn't great when the two sets of keys are so close together. Players can play a 1-player race against three computer opponents, or a 2-player head-to-head mode. The 2-player mode isn't split-screen, so whenever the leader scrolls the other car off of the screen, a point is scored and the race resumes with both cars at the same point again. The demo came on a PC Gamer CD and features no sound and only VGA graphics, but the full version also includes EGA support, as well as Adlib and Soundblaster sound. The full version also has joystick and mouse support, which should make the game a lot more playable. It took me awhile to be able to complete the first lap before the other cars completed the race! There are 29 tracks and 9 types of vehicles in this game, with only one track and vehicle playable in the demo.

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VGA Mode 13h

Screenshot of Micro Machines


Micro Machines Demo for PC Gamer (112,951 bytes) 1993-10-11 DOS Play online


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