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MicroMan's Crazy Computers  2003

The third game in the MicroMan series, Crazy Computers is a complete game built with Brian Goble's WAP32 (Windows Animation Package 32). The hero, Bob Jones, was shrunk to micron size as part of an experiment, and is now trapped in a computer full of unfriendly robots. Besides updated graphics, Crazy Computers adds shooting accuracy percentage and a visible countdown for the effect of power-ups. All of the familiar mechanical enemies are back, as well as the three weapon upgrades and super jump ability, moving platforms, platforms that fade in and out of existence, transporters, and the mirror room where MicroMan is mirrored vertically and horizontally. This time there are four massive levels to complete with multiple save points in each. The levels are filled with discs for MicroMan to collect, some of which are hidden in secret rooms. The shareware demo is time-limited to 1 hour of play.

Added by DOSGuy



Screenshot of MicroMan's Crazy Computers


MicroMan's Crazy Computers v3.2 (newer) Shareware (4,020,700 bytes) 2011-02-22 Win9x
MicroMan's Crazy Computers v3.2 (2003) Shareware (3,366,703 bytes) 2003-09-04 Win9x


HipSoft still sells this game for $9.99 by download.