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Max Payne  2001

Max Payne is an award winning "Third Person Shooter" that plays a lot like an interactive movie. There are frequent cutscenes during gameplay, and a graphic novel is gradually revealed between chapters. Probably the most notable innovation is "bullet time", which allows the player to slow down the action during gun battles. The storyline follows Max Payne, a police officer whose wife and daughter were killed by drug addicts, who transfers to the DEA to get to the source of their designer drug, Valkyr. He soon finds himself at war with the Mafia. Features gritty voice overs and excellent graphics that still hold up well today. When injured, Max can take painkillers to keep fighting. Due to graphic violence and drug-related themes, this game is not recommended for children.

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Screenshot of Max Payne


Complete version history:

Max Payne v1.05 Shareware Demo (137,198,704 bytes) 2002-01-25 Win9x
Max Payne v1.02 Shareware Demo (137,163,202 bytes) 2001-09-05 Win9x


Max Payne Shareware v1.0x to v1.05 patch (4,763,786 bytes) 2002-01-17 Win9x
Max Payne Registered v1.0x to v1.05 patch (5,116,202 bytes) 2002-01-17 Win9x
Max Payne Registered v1.0x to v1.02 patch (6,345,806 bytes) 2001-09-24 Win9x


Apogee theoretically still sells this game, but their online store isn't working at the moment. Take Two Interactive still sells this game for $19.99 on CD-ROM.

Cheat Codes

First, to activate the cheat codes, you need to run Max Payne with the command line parameter


You need to modify your Max Payne shortcut to add this. See the screen capture at the bottom of the page for an example. Your display may vary depending on what OS you're running, but it should look pretty similar to this example.

Once you have the cheat codes activated, you need to bring up the game console by hitting F12 twice, and then you can enter these commands:

GOD - Invincibility. Max's damage gauge will still show Max taking damage but you won't die once it's completely red.
MORTAL - Turn invincibility off again.
CODER - Invincible, all weapons and infinite ammo.
NOCLIP - No clipping mode on (i.e. you can walk through walls)
NOCLIP_OFF - No clipping mode off again.
GETHEALTH - Restores your health to full.
GETBULLETTIME - Fills up your bullet-time gauge.
GETPAINKILLERS - Gives you full (8) painkillers.
GETALLWEAPONS - Gives you all the weapons in the game.
GETINFINITEAMMO - Gives you unlimited ammo for all the weapons.

How to take screenshots in Max Payne from Remedy

Edit the shortcut that starts the game and add the following parameters behind the command (outside the quotes):

..MaxPayne.exe" -developerkeys -screenshot

After this, you can press C to switch between three camera modes (normal, moveable, freeze), and press F10 to take screenshots.

These also work during Pause, and you can speed up / slow down the time with the Home and End keys.