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Mather  1991

One of the better math games I've seen. The questions become more difficult as you answer correctly, to the degree that it remains difficult even for me. Some of the multiplication and division questions reach four digits when an adult plays, forcing you to solve the problem first to the thousands place, then the hundreds, etc. The learner quickly realizes that large numbers are no more difficult to work with than small numbers, it just takes more steps. The concept of understanding the relationship between powers to understand the numbers themselves and, in so doing, understand the nature of math, is a good one. The game keeps track of your skill level for each of the four operands. Good for people of any age who need to brush up on their math skills, with prizes for answering correctly and within the time limit. Version 2.0 adds graphics and problems with three numbers, but removes the option to play with mixed (all four) operands. It also internally includes Moraff's Super Entrap. The documentation indicates that the game can be referred to as "Mathtrap".

Added by DOSGuy


Moraff's Mather & Super Entrap v2.0 Shareware (161,754 bytes) 1993-05-12 DOS
Mather v1.0 Shareware (50,170 bytes) xxxx DOS


I have found no ordering information for this game, and it is not listed on Moraff's website.