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Mah Jongg for Windows  1992

Mah Jongg for Windows is a nearly identical port of Mah Jongg -V-G-A-, except that the sounds seem a bit nicer, and the menu on the right side of the screen has been replaced with a Windows menu bar. The game is fully unlocked, but a newer version, v3.1, is available only as a registered version. It supports a new 1024×768 resolution with 256/true color tile format and includes both of the tilesets from Mah Jongg -8514-, adds WAV sound effects, and can magnify old 640×480 tilesets to 1024×768.

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Mah Jongg for Windows


Tile sets password is QX38-ZM26-AR93 (5,875,538 bytes) 23 January 2005
Mah Jongg for Windows v1.0 (234,059 bytes) xxxx Win16

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I have found no ordering information for this game.