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Mah Jongg  1987

A decent version of Mahjongg solitaire. The EGA graphics and gameplay aren't quite as nice as Mah Jongg -V-G-A-. The option to have the game report when you're out of moves isn't on by default, but it should be. Nothing is more frustrating than looking for a move that isn't there. The timer is also off by default. Keeping track of the passage of time is important during addictive games. Make sure you go into the settings before beginning play. The full version allows game settings to be saved permanently, and includes additional tile sets and layouts. Hercules support was added in v3.0, and "monochrome" EGA was added for laptops in v3.1 (though it uses 640×350×16c Mode 10h without colors, instead of 640×350×mono Mode Fh).

Added by DOSGuy



Screenshot of Mah Jongg
EGA Mode 10h

Screenshot of Mah Jongg


Complete version history:

Mah Jongg v4.2 Shareware (210,411 bytes) 1994-09-01 DOS Play online
Mah Jongg v4.1 Shareware (185,974 bytes) 1993-07-07 DOS
Mah Jongg v4.0 Shareware (198,402 bytes) 1993-03-10 DOS
Mah Jongg v3.51 Shareware (143,770 bytes) 1991-08-09 DOS
Mah Jongg v3.5 Shareware (143,103 bytes) 1991-06-01 DOS
Mah Jongg v3.4 Shareware (137,163 bytes) 1990-08-11 DOS
Mah Jongg v3.3 Shareware (132,081 bytes) 1990-03-22 DOS
Mah Jongg v3.2 Shareware (66,287 bytes) 1989-10-10 DOS
Mah Jongg v3.1 Shareware (52,560 bytes) 1989-08-29 DOS
Mah Jongg v3.0 Shareware (50,924 bytes) 1988-12-30 DOS
Mah Jongg v2.7 Shareware (Still searching) xxxx DOS
Mah Jongg v2.6 Shareware (Still searching) xxxx DOS
Mah Jongg v2.4 Shareware (Still searching) xxxx DOS
Mah Jongg v2.3 Shareware (32,598 bytes) 1987-12-30 DOS
Mah Jongg v2.2 Shareware (Still searching) xxxx DOS
Mah Jongg v2.1 Shareware (Still searching) xxxx DOS
Mah Jongg v2.0 Shareware (30,869 bytes) 1987-09-09 DOS
Mah Jongg v1.0 Shareware (Still searching) xxxx DOS


Arcanum Computing still sells the registered version of this game for $15 on floppy disk.