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Magic Pockets  1992

Magic Pockets is an incredibly straightforward platformer. You play the Bitmap Kid, whose pockets hold an infinite number of toys. Some of your toys have captured by monsters escaped, so you must enter worlds inside of the pockets, throwing objects from your pockets to kill enemies. Sometimes you find a helmet which will transport you to a secret area, or give you powers like the ability to fire lasers. The gameplay is a bit slow, but the graphics are decent. Only the first level is playable in the shareware version.

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CGA Mode 04h

Screenshot of Magic Pockets
PCjr/Tandy Mode 09h

Screenshot of Magic Pockets
EGA Mode 0Dh

Screenshot of Magic Pockets
VGA non-standard mode

Screenshot of Magic Pockets


Magic Pockets Shareware Demo (245,124 bytes) xxxx DOS Play online


The Bitmap Brothers no longer sell this game.