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MVP Spades  1996

MVP Spades is a Windows version of the classic card game. Pick a computer partner and computer opponents, or play with other humans over a network or the internet. Each player gets 13 cards and plays one card per hand. At the beginning of each round, players bid how many tricks they intend to win during the game, which is added to their partner's bid and forms the contract for that round. After the first card is played in each hand, all other players must play a card from the same suit if they can. Like Hearts, no one can lead with a spade until spades have been "broken", meaning that a spade was played by a player who had no cards of the suit being played. In this game, spades are trump cards. The highest card of the suit being played, or the highest trump card, wins the trick. If the partnership meets or exceeds the number of tricks in the contract, they get 10 points for each trick, but only 1 point for each trick higher than the contract, so bidding too low can be costly. If you bid too high and don't fulfill the contract, you lose points, so the ability to predict how many tricks you can win is the key to bidding. The Spades equivalent of "shooting the moon" is bidding 0, in which case both partners swap three cards, unless the partner also wishes to bid 0. Successfully winning 0 tricks is worth 100 points (or 200 points if both partners are successful), and players incur a penalty of 100 if unsuccessful. Version 1.5 comes with a Win32 installer on MVP's website now, but the game is still Win16 once installed. There are 3 beginner and 3 intermediate computer players to play with or against, with 3 experts added to the Deluxe version.

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Screenshot of MVP Spades


MVP Spades v1.5 Shareware (1,423,046 bytes) 1999-02-04 Win16
MVP Spades v1.4 Shareware (1,400,761 bytes) 1998-02-23 Win16
MVP Spades v1.3 Shareware (1,399,028 bytes) 1996-10-31 Win16
MVP Spades v1.11 Shareware (1,396,493 bytes) 1996-09-20 Win16
MVP Spades v1.1 Shareware (1,382,086 bytes) 1996-08-08 Win16


MVP Software no longer sells this game.