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MVP Cribbage  1997

MVP Cribbage is a Windows version of the classic card game. Pick a computer opponent, or play with other humans over a network or the internet. Each player gets 6 cards and must discard 2 into the dealer's crib. A cut of the deck selects a "starter" card, and the dealer gets 2 points if it's a Jack. Players then take turns playing cards, and they score points for causing the total to reach 15 or 31, or for playing a pair or set of 3 or 4, or for creating a run of 3 or more, even if it's not in order (i.e. 3, 5, 4 is a non-sequential run of 3). Once the value of the hand reaches 31, or neither player can play, the count returns to 0 and a new hand starts and play continues until all cards have been played. After play ends, both players score points by combining their hand with the starter for every combination of 15, pairs or sets of 3 or 4, runs, or flushes. The dealer also gets to combine the crib with the starter to score a second set of points, so the non-dealer has to be careful what he puts in the dealer's crib. The non-dealer becomes the dealer, and play continues this way until one player reaches a score of 121. The players keep track of the score by moving pegs around a board. Version 2.2 comes with a Win32 installer on MVP's website now, but the game is still Win16 once installed. There are 3 beginner and 3 intermediate computer players to play with or against, with 3 experts added to the Deluxe version.

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Screenshot of MVP Cribbage


MVP Cribbage v2.2 Shareware (1,494,650 bytes) 1999-02-04 Win16
MVP Cribbage v2.0 Shareware (1,473,041 bytes) 1997-12-08 Win16
MVP Cribbage v1.3 Shareware (Still searching) xxxx Win16
MVP Cribbage v1.2 Shareware (1,323,582 bytes) 1997-05-21 Win16
MVP Cribbage v1.1 Shareware (1,312,298 bytes) 1997-03-20 Win16


MVP Software no longer sells this game.