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MESH: Hero's Hearts  1998

The Windows version of Hero's Heart increases the color depth from 16 to 256, you can now play as either a male or female hero (thus the name change to "Hero's Hearts"), and there are hint notes to teach you how to play. Hero's Hearts is a pure puzzle game that looks a bit like an adventure game. The hero must collect all of the hearts in a level by solving the puzzle. The game is turn-based rather than real time, which means that when you move and cause an action, you can't move again until the reaction is finished. If you cause a boulder to fall or an arrow to fire, you can't move out of the way to avoid it! You can cause boulders to fall, balloons to rise, and arrows to fire in any direction. There are hazards such as fire and water, Worms that head directly towards you with each step you take, and Creepers that simply move in circles around any barriers they find. Some hearts can't be collected until they have been changed from blue to red by a Creeper. Some puzzles involve figuring out how to use a raft or push a ball, you can use earth to fill up some water or put out a fire, or you can use a fire extinguisher. You can move the hero with the keyboard, or by clicking on where you want him to go with your mouse. Walking or pushing something over ice will slide it all the way to the other side in one turn. The game converted to Win9x starting with version 3.0. There are over 1000 levels in this game, with only the first 15 playable in the shareware version.

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Screenshot of MESH: Hero's Hearts

Screenshot of MESH: Hero's Hearts


MESH: Hero's Hearts v3.0 Shareware (1,294,848 bytes) 2007-06-08 Win9x
MESH: Hero's Hearts v1.1c Shareware (Still searching) 1998-06-03 Win16
MESH: Hero's Hearts v1.1b Shareware (Still searching) 1998-05-03 Win16
MESH: Hero's Hearts v1.1a Shareware (Still searching) 1998-05-01 Win16
MESH: Hero's Hearts v1.1 Shareware (619,520 bytes) 1998-04-26 Win16
MESH: Hero's Hearts v1.0d Shareware (Still searching) 1998-04-21 Win16
MESH: Hero's Hearts v1.0c Shareware (Still searching) 1998-04-20 Win16
MESH: Hero's Hearts v1.0b Shareware (Still searching) 1998-04-09 Win16
MESH: Hero's Hearts v1.0a Shareware (Still searching) 1998-04-08 Win16
MESH: Hero's Hearts v1.0 Shareware (Still searching) 1998-04-03 Win16


Everett Kaser Software still sells this game for $19.95 by download or CD-ROM.