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MESH: Falling Hero  2000

The third game in the MESH series, Falling Hero changes everything. The levels have gravity, which creates a need for a lot of new objects like springs. There are a bunch of new enemies, and the enemies introduce new gameplay elements, like climbing the web left by a spider. The hero can't jump for the first 10 levels because of shackles on his feet. Once removed, the hero can jump (another new twist) unless he traps himself in shackles again during the course of the level. The game is still turn-based rather than real time, so it's not a platform game in the arcade/action sense. Some levels are extremely hard, and most require hundreds of moves to complete. The game converted to Win9x starting with version 3.0. There are 102 levels in this game, with only 15 playable in the shareware version.

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Screenshot of MESH: Falling Hero

Screenshot of MESH: Falling Hero


MESH: Falling Hero v3.0 Shareware (1,341,952 bytes) 2007-06-08 Win9x
MESH: Falling Hero v2.0 Shareware (651,893 bytes) 2000-02-24 Win16 Play online


Everett Kaser Software still sells this game for $19.95 by download or CD-ROM.