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Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge  1995

In 1993, Presage purchase the rights to the Lode Runner IP and created an updated game called The Legend Returns. In 1995 they converted the code to 32-bit, added bug fixes and new levels, and the ability to play with a second player online, and called it Lode Runner Online: Mad Monks' Revenge. As in the original Lode Runner, the hero can climb ladders, temporarily blast holes in the ground, and fall from any height while attempting to collect treasure and avoid enemies. Blasted turf phases out for a few seconds before rematerializing. If the hero (Jake Peril as player one in a gray suit, or Wes Reckless as player two in a blue suit) or an enemy is in the hole when the ground when it rematerializes, they are killed. Unfortunately, the enemies respawn when killed. The enemies are skeleton monks. As in the original Lode Runner, there is turf that can't be removed with the blaster, and "trapdoor" turf that everyone falls through. New to LR:LTR is sticky turf that slows everyone down. The hero can now pick up items to set traps for the monks. He can only hold one trap at a time, but he can carry four bombs, which are necessary to break through otherwise unbreakable turf. New to Lode Runner Online are bombs that automatically ignite and respawn on a timer, and turf that phases in and out on a timer. The controls aren't immediately obvious and aren't included in the instructions, but the default keyboard settings expect the first player to use the numeric keypad. Up, left and right are obvious, but 7 and 9 blast out the turf to the players' left and right, 1 picks up an item, 2 sets a trap, and 3 drops a bomb. Two players can play cooperatively or compete with each other. The first three levels in the Lode Runner Online demo are common to the Lode Runner: The Legend Returns demo, but the next two levels are new. Only five levels are playable in the shareware version, which don't seem to be part of the registered version. A powerful level editor is included. There are 150 levels in this game.

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Screenshot of Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge


Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge Demo v1.50 (2,120,787 bytes) 1995-12-05 Win9x


Sierra Online no longer sells this game.