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Lizard  2018

Lizard is a great little adventure game. It started out as a homebrew NES game and was ported to Windows, Mac, Linux, and, eventually, DOS. You play as a boy who "wears" a lizard. I'm not sure if the lizard is alive or just a costume. Anyway, there are many different lizards in the game that you wear, by climbing out of one and into the other. Each lizard has unique abilities. You start as the Lizard of Knowledge, who has the ability to read instructions from hint stones. The Lizard of Bounce can deploy bouncy shoes. The Lizard of Push can push heavy things. The Lizard of Heat can melt ice by breathing fire. The Lizard of Swim is a great swimmer. The Lizard of Stone can turn to stone to avoid harm. The Lizard of Surf use a surfboard to skip across the surface of water. The game world is divided into areas, and there are save points in each area. The world is full of real-world animals like frogs and penguins. Some are harmless background eye candy, and others can harm you. You can usually safely jump on the animals in this game, unless they're particularly dangerous. It's a one-hit kill type of game, but at least you can continue from your save point an infinite number of times. Because Lizard started out as a NES game, the native resolution is 256×240, which doesn't fit in the usual 320×200 Mode 13h, which is why the DOS port uses "Mode X" 320×240 mode with pillarboxing on the sides. The game features epic boss fights, and the world is impressively large, and you can choose what order you use to explore it. Lizard is one of my favorite NES games, and it compares favorably to other DOS platformers. A few areas aren't accessible in the demo version.

Added by DOSGuy


VGA Mode X

Screenshot of Lizard


Lizard Demo Build (502,016 bytes) 2019-06-14 DOS
Lizard Demo Build (501,798 bytes) 2018-10-31 DOS Play online


Manual for Lizard in PDF format (2,549,239 bytes) xxxx

Source code

Source code for Lizard demo (2,446,317 bytes) 2020-06-06 DOS


This game is still sold for $10. That price includes the full versions of the NES, Windows, Mac, Linux, and DOS versions of the game, and the source code for the full version.